The Concept

SmartLab (SMLAB) can guarantee time–saving, cost effective solutions for clients by combining on-the-spot measurements and first analysis made by local technicians in a portable container lab on the place of drilling site or anywhere you need.  Right away measurements and data are transmitted to core laboratory via reserved clouds for a detailed interpretation and precise elaboration of status report for clients. By this way the clients are in a position to shorten the time for making final and strategic decisions regarding the future of the field under exploration.
The Smart Laboratory has an internal and external part. The internal part is the laboratory itself, that contains the machines and the maintenance equipment (satellite communication system, power source) and the staff. First, the customer approaches GEOCHEM with a request. GEOCHEM in response makes a tender that feature the measurements, prices and estimated time of carrying out the measurements. If the customer decides to order the services, the laboratory is moved on site or to the nearest city where the sample is delivered to the laboratory. After the measurements are made, the data is transferred to the Hungarian laboratory of GEOCHEM where it is processed by the engineers. The results are summarized in a report and are uploaded to an online platform that can be downloaded by the client. Access is only granted if the payment of the pre-determined fee was completed through an online payment system.