Readiness Of The Project

The laboratory for ore research is in the planning phase. The 0.version of the feasibility study in English is completed. Source planning is under progress.  The system plan of laboratory automation is completed. Based on this, the first aim is the IT-development. The source for it is available. The investigation of the scientific background is in progress.
On one hand, the goal is to win direct EU support, on the other the search for a potential investor.
The competitive advantage can be derived from more elements and aspect of the service. The processes and technological knowledge are not very transparent, which makes the concept hard to copy. Other important advantage is in the time, as the data processing is also supported by the unique software that have been developed and used by GEOCHEM Ltd. in the last years. A local advantage in Hungary is the lower cost of operation that cannot be copied by a western competitor.
Beyond expertise we can determine the main strengths of Smartlab that we can build on and these are:

  • The mobility of the lab, the client doesn’t have to deal with the delivery of the samples at all.
  • Time efficiency of the services that can be an important factor in the mining segment
  • Not much higher prices than competitors’ but much more specific range of measurement that can save a lot of time for the business partner. Moreover extra cost is considered worth to pay extra for getting results way faster .
  • Measurements with the unique analyzing techniques and equipment that differentiates the service from others

The most important to emphasize while branding is the mobility feature, that adds a unique value to the product.