For Clients

The SMARTLAB can be carried to the desirable location where samples are measured on the spot with custom developed instruments that are able to do more sophisticated measurements as well. With this solution the time to get the results on hand can be shortened from months to only a week as the analysis happens (even overnight) in Hungary – only data is transferred between the two locations. With the combination of cost efficiency and European expertise it can offer a valuable solution for potential customers in the mining industry.
How does it work?
First, the customer approaches GEOCHEM with a request. GEOCHEM in response makes a tender that feature the measurements, prices and estimated time of carrying out the measurements. If the customer decides to order the services, the laboratory is moved on site or to the nearest city where the sample is delivered to the laboratory. After the measurements are made, the data is transferred to the Hungarian laboratory of GEOCHEM where it is processed by the engineers. The results are summarized in a report and are uploaded to an online platform that can be downloaded by the client. Access is only granted if the payment of the pre-determined fee was completed through an online payment system.