Initiator Of SMLAB

GEOCHEM Ltd. is an innovation driven company having a high-technology equipped petrophysical laboratory. The company is extensively acclaimed in the field of geology:  hydrocarbon, coal and raw material exploration, geothermal energy research, carbon-dioxide sequestration, radioactive and hazardous waste disposal, water research and environmental protection.  
Globally there is a critical need for fast, reliable and affordable laboratory services for clients in mining, oil & gas industry, exploration and pollution decontamination. Recognizing the dynamically growing demand, GEOCHEM Ltd. became an initiator of the SmartLab concept which was elaborated based on:

  • significant expertise in state-of-the art solutions for conventional as well as for non-conventional orders (measurements, analysis, interpretations),
  • extended experience in international scientific teamwork,  
  • ample innovation in the field of adjusting and upgrading measurement instruments and devices,
  • internationally acknowledged inventory of GEOCHEM’s software used for measurements, data analysis, interpretation and consulting services,
  • Access to the extended knowledge of Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences (CAPES), Hungary: academic institutes, companies and laboratories, R&D Institute, professionals of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, mining engineering, IT experts, market researchers. GEOCHEM Ltd. is the founding member of CAPES.