Our company owns an automatic gas pycnometer with five chambers (Quantachrome Pentapyc 5200e) for the accurate measuring of real density and volume of solid materials (e.g.: bodies, powders). The measuring process continues automatically until the toleration value regulated by the meter, or until the maximum number of measurements fixed by the meter. As the result of measuring, the density and volume data are obtained, as well as their 
statistics (average, deviation). Knowing the exact geometric volume of the sample, specific density and porosity can be calculated. The measurement can be performed in a volume range of 0.1 – 110 cm3, in sample cells of four different sizes (4.5, 10, 50, 135 cm3 cells), at a temperature range of -10 – 100 °C, at +/- 0.02 °C temperature variation, with helium, argon, krypton, nitrogen or other non-corrosive gases.