Our company owns a self-developed RS-PPD-1 universal permeameter. This instrument is suitable for performing both steady-state (acc. to the Darcy principle) and unsteady-state (pressure pulse decay – PPD) axial flow permeability measurements either by water or gas, at max. 320 bar pore pressure and at max 350 bar confining pressure and at max. 150 °C temperature on 1” or 1.5” diameter and max 3” length core plugs. The pressure difference between the two sides is 0.01 - 30 bar, at present. The pore and confining pressure are handled by programmable high accuracy synchronized hydraulic pumps. Acid and alkaline solutions and petroleum can also be used for saturation and measurement. The volume of input and output sides are variable by 0.01 cm3 accuracy. PPD permeability measurement is performed between micro- to pikodarcy range, steady-state permability measurement is performed between 0.01 darcy – microdarcy range. Pressure falloff test can be programmed as an option. The instrument is mainly used for investigating very tight rocks based on the Jones’ theory (1997). The input and output side can be equipped with 0.5 - 230 micron filter. The permeameter is equipped by high pressure saturation cells for sample saturation and flooding cell for non-water permeability (brine, petroleum, etc) measurements.