The particle size distribution of powders and granulates can be determined with the CILAS 1180 LD type laser granulometer. This up-to-date, complex particle size analytical instrument is suitable for the investigation of powders, ground materials, granulates, etc. in an interval between 0.040 – 2500 µm. The dispersion of the sample is possible with water and water mixed with wetting fluid, with condensed air devoid of oil and water, and sample feeding can be made with free fall adapter between 500 – 2500 µm. The assessment of received results contains among others particle diameter for the 10, 50 and 90% of the distribution curve, mean diameter and the sizes and percents definable by the user, and several other parameters. The instrument can measure using the Fraunhofer or the Mie pattern (according to the Mie pattern, one has to know the fracture index of the particle, referring to air).