2018-2019 Participation in an instrument prototype development, Karotázs Ltd.
2018 Pore structure investigation of clayey rocks related to a high level radiaoctive waste disposal project, University of Bern
2017-2021 Implementation of a complex development and measurement program related to a GINOP-2.2.1 project, Mecsekérc Ltd.
2017-2021 Production and petrophysical qualification of artificial core samples for a GINOP-2.2.1 project, RockStudy Ltd.
2017-2018 Participation in software development (interpretation of transient pressure measurements in wells), Serpentarius Software Ltd.
2016-2018 Petrophysical investigations for rock mechanical method development, RockStudy Ltd.
2016-2017 Petrophysical qualification of deep-drilling core material – uranium research, Mecsekérc Ltd.
2016-2017 Participation in international conference organization, Sycamore Engineering Ltd.
2016-2017 Research and development activities related to the investigation of recent lake sediments, Lake George, Australia, Australian National University
2016-2017 Particle size distribution analyses related to gravel mining, BET-BAU Ltd.
2016 Testing prototypes of gravel pack and fracture conductivity instruments,Mecsekérc Ltd
2016 Porosity and water conductivity of concrete structures in underground areas of the National Radioactive Waste Storage Facility of Bátaapáti, Golder Ltd.
2016 Petrophysical investigation of core samples related to the preparation of  future  nuclear power plant blocks in Paks, Mecsekérc Plc, MVM Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Development Ltd.
2015-2016 Porosity and water conductivity measurements on concrete structures, related to the construction of the Bátaapáti National Radioactive Waste Repository, Mecsekérc Plc, RHK Ltd. 
2014-2015 Petrophysical investigations related to hydrocarbon research (Hungarian subsidiary of Austrian company), RAG Kiha Ltd.
2014 Production of active pellets from petroleum coke for the purpose of binding hydrogen sulfide, MOL Group
2014 Preparation of a study about pore-water extraction from rocks of the Boda Claystone Formation (BCF), Bátkontroll Ltd.
2014-2018 Geological investigation of the Boda Claystone Formation (BCF). Surface research phase I, 2. stage: professional documentation and reports, petrophysical measurements, Mecsekérc Plc.

Petrophysical investigations on reservoir rocks, RAG Kiha Ltd.

2014 Production of active pellets from petroleum coke hydrogen sulfide for the purpose of binding, MOL Group
2014 Pore-water extraction from Boda Claystone Formation (BCF). Surface research phase I, 2. stage: professional documentation and reports, petrophysical measurements, Mecsekérc Plc.
2013-2014 Physisorption and BET analysis of soil samples, MTA Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences 
2013 Participation in the development of the InnoPortfolio system and consultancy (validation of technology profiles, web development). Content validation of questionnaires entering the Research Database, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya
2013 Comparative uniaxial fracture and shear tests on mouse bones, University Of Pécs, Medical School
2013 Grain size distribution measurement of sea sediment samples by dry and wet sievingand laser diffraction method, Biokör Ltd.
2013 Preparation of artificial core samples for rock mechanical measurements, Kőmérő Ltd.
2012 Desorbometer measurements in order to prevent the danger of outbursts in the Zobák shaft (Komló) and Petőfi shaft (Vasas), processing and summarizing the results
2012 Archiving and processing of measurement results, professional materials and information related to the Mecsek Coal Formation, Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary
2012-2014 R&D work related to Mecsekérc Plc’s GOP-1.1.1-11-2012-0033 project (petrophysical qualification of Upper Pannonian core samples, investigation of migrating clay content, the determination of best practices of well completion in unconsolidated sandstones, etc.)
2012 Data supply, complementary petrophysical measurements and their interpretation related to Boda Claystone Formation for the project of Mecsekérc Ltd. (GOP-1.3.1-11/A-2011-0098, „Preparation of a Complex Transport Model and its Application in West Mecsek”
2011-2011 Data supply, laboratory measurements related to the geological assessment of concession areas (Algyő Formation), Geological Institute of Hungary


Measurement of porosity and water permeability of the built-in shotcrete in K1 chamber in the Bátaapáti National Waste Repository in the framework of the contract with Bátatom Ltd.

2011 Participation in the preparation of a geothermal project, GW Technological Consulting Ltd.
2010-2012 Professional consulting service for the construction of a petrophysical laboratory in the framework of a complex laboratory investment, ALT-ENERGO Invest Ltd.

Technology development to investigate clayey barrier behaviours against alkaline, Mecsekérc Plc.


Petrophysical measurements and their interpretation (shotcrete), related to the Bátaapáti National Waste Repository’s Safety Analysis, Mecsekérc Plc.


Petrophysical investigations, participation in BCF (Boda Claystone Formation) research, preparation of studies, Mecsekérc Ltd.

2008-2009 Management of Mission-Critical Information in Bátaapáti LLW/ILW Project, S-Hungary; participation in the planning of the Theoretical Scheme of Integrated Report System, Mecsekérc Plc.
2007 Completion of the summary report in connection with the laboratory innovative R&D development about isotope geochemy and transport processes in clay stones.
2006-2007 Completion of the technological plan and feasibility study of Special Measurements LABoratory (SMLAB).
2006 Expert activity, co-ordination of professional work for Bátatom Ltd. considering radioactive waste management.
Tracing international achievements in the examination of the methane content of methane pools, preparation of reports (expert activity for Rotaqua Ltd.).
2003-2004 Raw material research (precious ore research) in the English-Irish owned EASTMINE Mining Ltd. in the Mátra hill.