About us

Our company, called GEOCHEM Ltd. is a small enterprise, having a high-tech equipped petrophysical laboratory, special knowledge and ideas, significant innovation and development potential. Our measurement and development services are demanded in the fields of geology, like hydrocarbon and raw material exploration, geothermal energy research, carbon-dioxide sequestration, radioactive and hazardous waste disposal. The accumulated knowledge and our measurement capability, supported by the available instrument park are also useful in the pharmaceutical and construction industry, archeological geology and material research.

Our main activity is research and development, focusing mainly on special instruments and equipment development and on the complex investigation of very tight and unconsolidated materials. These developments are taking place in cooperation with considerable Hungarian research institutes, universities, small and medium enterprises with special knowledge and the companies interested in radioactive waste disposal projects.(more...)

Since these institutes and companies are differently equipped and have wide -spread knowledge background, there is the possibility to execute complex assignments. Common elements in the university agreements are PhD training and the tendering for EU and Hungarian supports.

Our company is the Hungarian dealer and service of Quantachrome GmbH, and our laboratory is the Central-Eastern European reference laboratory of this company in pore characterization.

The company is a member of the Cluster of Applied Earth Sciences and has signed cooperation and R&D agreements with different institutes and companies.


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